Dress Pattern Options for Leading the Style Cult

Happy Homemade Sew Chic includes 20 patterns for simple clothes to wear every day, as you busily prepare your cult for the end of the world. Who has time for complex couture when the doomsday clock is ticking?

Still, you need to look your feminine best, which is why the book offers eight dress patterns to choose from. The dresses all offer similar style elements – unfitted, flowy, big on the ruffles and tucks and bows. Here are my favorites, on my “to make” list:


This dress is probably the most fitted and sophisticated of the bunch, you know, for those special nights around the campfire. I can imagine a lot of options with the lace neckline and maybe a belt for a little more shape. The pattern book calls for “double gauze.” Never heard of it. Must investigate.

I also like this one:


The reverse pleat in the front and the little pockets offer utility for cultivating your sustainability garden while chasing children around the yard. A look for the pre-Goddess Years, while you’re still young and fertile. Maybe I should take advantage of this look while I still can? Also a nice cover-up for the beach. I envision this dress in a cute print, maybe with contrasting bindings for the armholes and neckline. The pattern book suggests cotton broadcloth, which strikes me as a bit stiff for this look.

In the “thanks, but no thanks” category, I’d put these options:

laceprintsundressThe fabric’s not doing this any favors, but still, not a look for anyone over age 16. Even the model’s feeling a bit silly.


“Don’t you just love the flower-child style?” Not so much. This would make a good nightgown, possibly.

Because my fabric stash happens to contain all the materials to make a (possibly) wearable muslin for C: Dress With Front Tuck, I will start there. Let’s see how it goes.


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