Enough Boxy Pockets to Hold All the Self-Sufficiency Eggs

Happy Homemade Sew Chic likes big boxy pockets. Most of the dresses and tunics, as well as a pair of far-out harem pants – all contain big patch pockets. That’s a good thing for the practical-minded doomsday cultist. You need a place to put all those eggs you collect from the hens in your compound’s self-sufficiency farm.

The book’s directions for pockets aren’t great, though. The book expects you to zigzag around the edge of the pocket, then fold over the edges and sew onto the garment. Here’s a better way.


Sew a line of straight stitches 3/8 inch (1 cm) from the edge. If the pocket has curves, clip the curves every centimeter or so just short of the stitching line, so the curves cooperate. Then press, like so.

Turn over and press again. Then pin the pocket according to the pattern placement and sew down. Get as close to the edge of the pocket as you can, and sew a little triangle in the corners to reinforce it.


2 thoughts on “Enough Boxy Pockets to Hold All the Self-Sufficiency Eggs

  1. An even better method [better=easier] I cut out a pocket lining, nd bag out the whole thing, leaving a small gap for turning. Press well, and all those nasty raw edges are enclosed, top edge finished etc etc. It’s a blinder!


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