Make Do with Minimal Sewing Directions

Depending on how autocratic your Hippie Doomsday Cult is, you might be more or less comfortable making judgment calls on the directions in Happy Homemade Sew Chic. Directions for Dress with Front Tuck fit on a page, with simple line drawing illustration.  We did the pockets yesterday. Now it’s time to sew in that front tuck – the only style element for this dress.

tuckHere’s the drawing. The pattern includes a line for the tuck – just a vertical line with a little circle to show you when to stop. This tuck line won’t show from the right side. Put right sides together and sew from the neckline to the stop line and backstitch to secure it all. Then press the tuck flat so that it’s evenly distributed along the line you just sewed.

Now, topstitch the tuck into place as shown. tuck1Make a little point at the bottom of the tuck so that the tip of the point lines up with the end of the tuck. Since this topstitching will show, you can get all fancy with this stitch if you’d like with some contrasting thread or other design.

Beneath the tuck, press the front of the dress so that the tuck looks like a reverse pleat. A pressed pleat is not permanent, of course, but if you want it to be, you can add along the press line a piece of fusible thread on the wrong side. It will end up looking like a crease in a pair of dress pants.

I want my Dress with Front Tuck casual, so I am skipping the fusible crease. I pressed the reverse pleat down to about the waistline and let it peter out. Still, this is the only style element you get, besides whatever groovy print you chose for this dress, so feel free to go nuts. Just because the end of the world is coming, that’s no reason to be boring.


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