No Gappy Necklines, Ever!

Now that Dress with Front Tuck is all faced and presentable, and the sides are sewn up, let’s check the fit. Ruh-roh:

IMG_20150407_125341960That’s one seriously gappy neckline. This material’s a bit on the stiff side, but still.

Easy fix! Put in a couple of shoulder darts. This means I have to remove the neckline facing first, which is a bummer, but you gotta do. The cult needs to look good for its appointment with Doomsday.

None of the patterns in Happy Homemade Sew Chic have any darts as far as I can tell. The garments instead rely on a lot of tucks and gathers to make shapes. That’s the overall look, remember – loose and casual – but still, no one likes a gappy neckline.

For other garments in this book, I’ll need to check the neckline fit in the future before I do any facings.


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