Shorts Big Enough to Fit the Whole Cult

I started making a tracing paper pattern of Double-cuff Bermuda Shorts when I got the feeling that something was off. Based on the pattern size descriptions, I would need a size 14 for my hips. But oh, Goddess Years, did that seem pretty big.

Turns out it was. Those shorts would have been elephantine – enough to fit me and a cult sister, at least. I had worried that the patterns from Happy Homemade Sew Chic would be tiny, given the relative smaller size of Japanese women to American women. But these patterns also have a crazy amount of ease in them, so the fit sometimes ends up on the large size. The Dress with Front Tuck fit perfectly in the shoulders and bust, but it was big everywhere else (by design) so who knows?

At the same time, the whole “no height measurement” omission continues to baffle me, and I worried that these shorts would be huge in the butt and waist and yet too short, if that makes any sense.

I made a quick muslin and realized I could make a size 10 with a bit of an adjustment to the crotch region. And I added 4 inches to the length so that the shorts would be Bermuda length with a cuff.

The pattern book recommends a little more than one yard (1 meter) of hemp or linen. Since hemp is expensive and I happen to have about a yard of linen left over from another project, I’ll go with that.IMG_20150412_171529668

Note the pattern layout on the fabric. Doesn’t this seem rather wasteful? We Hippie Doomsday Cultists can’t afford to be wasting fabric. Sheesh.


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