The Japanese Hippie Doomsday Cult Travels to Bermuda

I wanted my next project from Happy Homemade Sew Chic to be some bottoms – pants, a skirt, what have you.

Pickings are slim, my fellow cult members. The book’s patterns are heavy on the dresses and tunics, with only four bottoms to choose from. Here are my picks, from “I like” to “hell, no.”


These Double-Cuff Bermuda Shorts are cute, no? A  Japan-meets-Bermuda look. I love the description:

“Fresh look.

Tailored-look waistband with belt-loops,

As a matter of fact, it’s elastic!

Made with ease,

For happy times.”

While I like the idea of making something easy for happy times, it’s “ease,” in the sense of garment fit, that I worry about. My narrow waist and wide hips do not get along with elastic waistbands. But the belt loops might save the day. Worth a try.


Skirts are so easy to make that I’m surprised this book only offers one option. It’s a cute idea – Straight-cut Tiered Skirt, again with an elastic waistband (that little bow in the front is just for show). The pattern description’s more prosaic, too:

“Three-tiered frill, appears difficult.

No hemming, wear straightaway.”

It’s unique, so it’s on my to-do list.

The third option for bottoms could be great or could be scary. This picture (also IMG_20150414_112026719the cover shot for the book) is adorably deceiving. The pattern is for Straight-cut Sarouel Pants, otherwise known as harem or drop-crotch pants. In this shot, you can’t see the drop-crotch. This look can come across as exotic and breezy, or it can come across as crazypants.

The pattern description seems suitably cryptic:

“Elastic waist.

Hemp, or jersey fabric,

A different look depending on the fabric.”

I guess it’s a good look if you wear these pants with a long tunic or a dress from this book, so no one sees the crotch. Or, if you always stand sideways. You certainly get those big square pockets for your cult’s self-sufficiency eggs. I think I will have to make these, just for the sheer wonder of it.

Finally, there’s a “hell, no” look, Culottes with Gathered Frill. It’s hard to know what’s worse – culottes, just in principle, or culottes IMG_20150414_112039645with a gathered frill, as if the frill somehow made culottes into a reasonable garment for an adult woman. It’s hard to see in the picture, but the line drawing of the pattern shows a silly frill right under the model’s tummy. The pattern book says:

“Frill embellishment on seam.

Elastic waistband.

Cute, easy-to-make pants.”

Can’t you just smell the desperation? No way.


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