Another Instruction That Makes No Sense

Happy Homemade Sew Chic bills itself as a book of simple sewing patterns for everyday looks for beginners. I like it because it creates a “look” that I want to enjoy this summer for fashion’s sake. That look’s a bit “Japanese Hippie Doomsday Cult,” but in a good way.

But darn, the instructions in this book make me nuts! Almost enough for me to renounce my cult membership in hopes my family will take me back. I try to follow pattern instructions, since that’s the only way I can really know its strengths and weaknesses. But in this case I am following my common sense.

The latest concerns the belt loops in Double-cuff Bermuda Shorts. Since these shorts use an elastic waist, the belt loop feature is key to making these shorts look decent instead of just sad. Nothing says “I give up” like elastic-waist Bermuda shorts on a 45-year-old woman.


The instructions call for you to insert the elastic into the waistband casing, sew that up, and then sew on four belt loops.

Anyone see anything just a smidge wrong here?

Would it not be easier and more attractive to sew on the belt loops at the waist (and do five for heaven’s sake, not four), and then insert the elastic? Sheesh!


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