Finished Double-cuff Bermuda Shorts (Plus)

I forgot to post a picture of the finished Double-cuff Bermuda Shorts, which I made from a marigold-colored linen-rayon blend. Here they are, sort of.


You’ll notice they are not shorts. I made clamdiggers  or because I want to wear these with the tunics I mentioned yesterday. Tunics + shorts is just a weird look, even for a Hippie Doomsday Cult.

These will be a fun layering piece, but I won’t ever wear them with a tucked-in shirt and belt as shown for this project photo. The belt helps hide the elastic waist a bit, but it still shows. They might look better with a soft scarf, folded on the bias, to really cover up all the elastic’s tucks.

If you want or need elastic waist pants – and I know many who people do – this is a great simple little pattern. Just use your common sense and disregard the crazy cuffing instructions, and sew on the loops before the elastic. If you make clamdiggers (that’s the term for short wide-leg pants with cuffs in the US anyway) make sure the hem hits below the fullest part of your calf for the most flattering look. Pair with flats or wedge sandals.

Here’s a backside shot:


The elastic waist inevitably suggests a bit of a diaper-butt look. I might take them in a bit more. We’ll see how the wear and wash. I was going to do five belt loops instead of the four the pattern called for, since that’s the most sensible alignment of belt loops on pants for… well… anyone, especially under threat of diaper-butt. Since I am only going to wear these with long tunics, I figured I’d just make it as the pattern suggests so you can all see what you get.


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