Getting Started with the Cross-over Tunic

The Cross-over Tunic uses many of the same pattern pieces as Tunic Dress with Lace. Good thing I made a pattern template out of Pattern Dot tracing paper when I made the dress (I have not posted on that yet, still waiting for the lace to arrive). This tunic, in the meantime, will go together pretty quickly.

Here are the instructions, one page and an exercise in simplicity.


The instructions, as usual with Happy Homemade Sew Chic, include some errors. This time, it’s the wasteful cutting layout. You need two neck facing pieces, not four. You can cut one bias strip from folded fabric. Or, to save fabric, you can cut two strips from unfolded fabric. That’s what I’ll do – Hippie Doomsday cultists abhor waste. Also, that shirring elastic needs to be sewn on right side up so that the gathers and not the elastic shows.

The pattern does not call for any neckline stabilizer, but you’ll sure need one unless you want to play peek-a-boo with your bra. (We are NOT that kind of cult.) So I will add that. I imagine I will need neck darts on this tunic, since I did with the dress. Finally, I am not sure of the length again, given the inexplicable lack of height measurements or finished size measurements (I will never get over this omission). So I will cut as long as my fabric allows and then hem as needed.


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