Where Do I Cross?

The Happy Homemade Sew Chic Cross-over Tunic has – as the name suggests – a cross-over bodice. This is what passes for a sexy neckline in this pattern book. Most of the necklines are much higher and don’t accentuate the chest. At all. So the overall look is maybe Puritan Japanese Hippie Doomsday Cult?

The bodice pieces look like this:


The directions state to cross at the pattern marks, so that one side of the bodice overlaps the other, but darned if I can find them. The pattern (item K in the book) has notches to match the bodice to the skirt, but no notches for the cross-over action. Here’s a close-up of the crazy overlapping pattern sheet:


Those dots you see (which I highlighted with a green Sharpie, are the notches to match the gathered skirt and the ungathered bodice. Maybe they’re also meant to mark the crossover lines?

Soooo….. again I relied on my cultish resourcefulness. I took my measurements and basted the bodice, then tried it on my dress form. Too tight. Moved the cross-over back a bit, basted again and tried it on again. Good fit. So I sewed it down. I also added the sleeves. Here’s the look:


I am proud of my skill at laying out this pattern. This is a “toss” print, hand silkscreened, so there was no repeat or regular way to position the ginkgo leaves on the garment. I aimed to prevent a leaf from, say, landing square on my nipples. Mission accomplished!


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