Frills Galore

Many of the patterns in Happy Homemade Sew Chic employ girly elements – tucks and gathers and frills. The book creates a look that way, toward a wardrobe for the Hippie Doomsday Cult.

The Blouse with Frilled Sleeves really puts in this opportunity. It has a gathered neckline and frills! As with a lot of things in this book, the directions are pretty confusing and the order of construction doesn’t really work. First, you sew two basting stitches along one end of a strip of fabric for the frill and pull the threads to create the gathers. Sew this on to the sleeve, like so:


Note that the lower edge of the frill is raw. You need to finish this later. It would make sense to finish it before you make the gathers and sew the frill on to the sleeve, but again, let’s all be obedient cult members, m’kay?

Next, you have to cuff the sleeve. This would seem like an unnecessary step. I mean, the frill is there, right? You would be wrong. Without the cuff, the frill’s going to jut out from the sleeve like some feeble angel’s wings. So cuff we must:


And then we hem the thing with a narrow hem. This is pretty fussy stuff. Let’s hope it’s worth it.


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