Pants Fail

Damn you, Straight-cut Sarouel Pants! Damn you!

The hemp pants are unwearable. Check it out. I have to laugh, otherwise I’d cry:pantsfailThe waist is so enormous that there is no way to gather that much material into any kind of waistline. Maybe if I were pregnant or had a very pronounced “apple” shape, this would be OK. But sheesh. I mean, I am in the Japanese Hippie Doomsday Cult all the way, but this is asking too much. I added some darts, I trimmed the sides down, all to no avail.

I’m particularly galled because the hemp for this project was expensive and was tough to sew. I needed four upholstery-sized needles to construct these pants – and I hadn’t even finished the seams yet.

Well, at least I learned a few things:

  • Hemp sucks
  • Sarouel pants suck
  • Hemp + sarouel pants suck the big one.



6 thoughts on “Pants Fail

  1. I feel your pain and frustration. When I was 12, I saved my babysitting and allowance money to buy fabric to sew a pair of pants called jodpers (very popular in the 70’s or so I incorrectly thought) and they basically turned out a hot mess! I cried and my family laughed. Everyone in my family was laughing so hard that I realized how silly the pants looked, so I had to laugh too. It is very frustrating to spend time and money on fashion fail. Thanks for sharing it helped bring back sad but happy time with my family.


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