Get a Perfect V Neckline

The Tunic Dress with Lace has a nice V-shaped neckline that flatters most body types. Happy Homemade Sew Chic’s pattern directions include simple directions for how to get that V. This is what passes for a sexy neckline from this book, so pay attention!

If you follow those directions, however, you’ll probably be disappointed. Here’s a better way.

If you’re a C cup or larger, you will want to cut the neckline with a little convex curve, to give your gals a bit more room. If you’re an A, you can cut the neckline slightly concave so that it will lie flat against your chest.


Before you sew on the bias facing, you need to put some stabilizing tape. The directions don’t call for it, but you really need it. Edge it up against the neckline. The facing will cover it later.

From there you make your bias facing and sew it on. Clip the V a bit (put a patch of interfacing for support) so that the facing will lie nice and flat.


Sew it down and give it a good press.



2 thoughts on “Get a Perfect V Neckline

  1. Great tip about the curved necklines, I had not considered that.

    I like your technique for sharp curves, I had some success by using bondaweb along the edge. It irons in and seems to give a crisp finish. I used a lined garment so I am not sure if it will work with a bias binding edge.

    Great tips thanks.

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  2. Thanks. I will check out bondaweb. I used a product called Design Plus Fusible Stay Tape. I bought a roll of it ages ago at a shop in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. One of those places that caters to the trade.


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