Tips for Working with Cotton Double Gauze

Cotton double gauze is really great to work with. It’s two layers of gauze tacked together to create a fabric that’s airy and substantial at the same time.

Here’s a close-up of the fabric’s structure.


The tacks that hold the fabric together show as tiny pinpricks on the right side


The fabric has a lot of stretch on the bias. I wouldn’t use it for any bias-cut garment. But for Happy Homemade and its straight-cut aesthetic, it’s perfect.

The overall look is soft and unstructured, rather like a very soft linen. It’s best for a loose, untailored garment, like the Tunic Dress with Lace.

To sew, I used a fine #9 needle and loosened the tension a bit so the stitching wouldn’t crush the fabric at the seams.

This fabric is very popular in Japan for summer clothes, and I can see why. I think it would also make for gorgeous cool pajamas.
Cotton double gauze is imported to the US from Japan. Most of the fabric I found for sale in the US was in pastel colors or juvenile prints. Also a good choice for children’s clothing.


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