Tab Troubles with Tunic with Roll-up Sleeves

This blog is turning into a catalog of little errors in Happy Homemade Sew Chic. I guess my knowledge will make me a den mother of sorts for the legions of other sewists who buy this book to get the Japanese Hippie Doomsday Cult look. Oooh!

Today’s lesson is about the tabs for the Tunic with Roll-up Sleeves. The pattern piece looks like so (traced onto Sample Dot patternmaker’s paper) with dotted lines for the sewing lines and the edge for the seam allowance:


You’ll see there’s a spot for the buttonhole on the left and a space to sew the tab to the inside of the shirt sleeve on the right. You need two tabs and two interfacing pieces. This is exactly as the book’s pattern piece is marked.

But, here are the cutting layout and instructions in the book:

tab instructionsI guess I was supposed to cut four tabs, in pairs, conjoined along one end without the seam allowance, and then interfaced on one side.

Sheesh! Why not just give a pattern piece that has the conjoined tabs? It’s a good thing I pledged my undying obediance to this cult, or I might be in big trouble now.

Anyway, I fiddled with this and got my tabs all made up. Then I made the buttonholes. My sewing machine’s automatic buttonholer doesn’t work right – it won’t sew backwards up the righthand side of the buttonhole for some reason. So I have to sew one half of it, then reset the auto buttonholer, then flip the fabric around and sew the other half. I wish I could remember how I learned to do buttonholes years ago, on my grandmother’s ancient manual machine, but no matter. I got a decent outcome:



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