Jacket Wrap-Up

The Japanese Hippie Doomsday Cult operates in a sunny place, where we need plenty of sundresses, short-sleeves blouses and sleeveless frocks. But sometimes we need a jacket, just for warmth, or maybe to dress up the ol’ pinafore for company.

Happy Homemade Sew Chic offers a couple of jacket options. I like this one best, pattern J, Jacket with Back Tie:


This gets props for the double-truck model treatment and for the pattern description, You can tell this is one of the top patterns in the book. Here’s the description:

No button, no fastener.

Light linen.

Useful jacket,

Spring through Autumn.

Back tie accent.

Free arrangement,

Tie up or leave to hang………. ping!

Aren’t you just dying to make this one? Ping! Maybe that should be our cult’s password?

This jacket seems popular, based on the other blogs and reviews I’ve seen, so I am making it next, out of a really nice piece of sage-green Irish linen.

The other jacket in the book is more mysterious, pattern N, Jersey Bolero-style Jacket:


This could go a lot of different ways. Compared to the poetic and fun description of Jacket with Back Tie, the description for this jacket seems to mail it in:

Front tucks,

Wear as cardigan,

It’s a jacket.

Yeah, got that from the pattern name, but thanks, I guess.

The picture is pretty bad. You have this hideous black-and-white sundress under a sheer white jersey jacket. You can barely see the detail at all. I’d pass it by, but the pattern line drawing shows some promise.


The tucks in the front, and especially the reverse tuck in the back, could be pretty cool with the right fabric treatment. Also maybe a neckline tie in the binding, like with the Tunic with Roll-up Sleeves, could make this a swish little jacket to wear with a dress for a special night out, say maybe for the cult’s End of the World Party.

This is not a bolero jacket, in my book. Those types of jackets typically have kimono or batwing sleeves and should taper off right under the bust. This is pretty long by comparison. Still, it intrigues. If I can find the right kind of cotton jersey, I will try it.


2 thoughts on “Jacket Wrap-Up

    1. I’m reviewing the items I like. Some of the pieces in the book are pretty wearable, while others are just weird. I’ll make those up. Anything kinda “meh” won’t do it for me. Thanks for following along. It’s been an adventure.


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