“F” In Home Ec

I have persisted with making garments from Happy Homemade Sew Chic with only my C- in Home Ec education. But yesterday I got an F.

I am trying to sew Jacket with Back Tie, a cute unlined jacket, out of some red silk dupioni that I’ve had in my stash forever. I cut out the pattern pieces perfectly and I started to assemble the jacket. I decided to go with French seams since it’s unlined and I need some extra strength at the seams to cope with the fragile silk. They all went together nicely. I gained more and more confidence.

And then I tried to do French seams where the sleeves meet the armholes. “Can’t be done,” some sources say. “Tricky at best,” others say, “better to finish those seams with a bit of bias binding.”

I can do this, I reasoned. I’ll practice on some scraps first. So I did. I made a sweet little French seam on a mini bodice-and-sleeve combo. It went together pretty easily! So I moved on to the real deal.

Here’s the result:


Oh yes. I sewed the sleeve on inside-out!

I am such an idiot. I unpicked it and had to cut a new sleeve because the sleeve was all chewed to hell. I am lucky I had enough fabric to do the job. The bodice doesn’t look good either. I think I will have to just do a regular seam and bind it.



2 thoughts on ““F” In Home Ec

  1. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, it all depends on the curve of the arm scye…and also of course dupion can fray like hell! [I love it though]
    For future reference, try flat felling- it actually gives a smoother finish than the french seam round an armhole, and is very strong and neat. You can choose to fell on the inside or the outside- peek at a few men’s shirts for the look


  2. I learned a lot through trial and error, well done for trying! I am sure it will work, just very tricky to achieve. Given that French seams are sort of back to front, it is an easy mistake to make.

    At least all is not lost.


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