Love Math? Then Straight-cut Tiered Skirt Is for You!

The Straight-cut Tiered Skirt pattern in Happy Homemade Sew Chic is not really a pattern at all. It’s more like a set of blueprints to build a skirt:

IMG_20150719_165750024There are NO pattern pieces. Basically, you measure out and cut a bunch of rectangles according to specific mathematical measurements, sew them together, just so and…. voila! A skirt!

If you’re saying right now, “I didn’t get into sewing for the math,” turn that attitude around! It’s not so hard. On the plus side, there’s no paper pattern to trace. And you can cut this out with a quilting rotary cutter, if you fancy such gizmos.

The one thing that’s confusing me are the sizes of the three tiers. It makes sense that the tiers are different widths, since you need smaller rectangles at the top, by your waist, and larger ones at the hem. But the pattern also calls for three different lengths of the tiers:

  • Tier A is 8.5 inches or 9 inches (22 or 23 cm), depending on the size.
  • Tier B is 8 or 8.25 inches (20 or 21 cm).
  • Tier C is 8 or 9 inches (20 or 23 cm).

Does that make sense to anyone? Anyone?

Note that each of the tiers is cut on the fold and then folded lengthwise, so that you don’t have to hem the tiers. I guess that’s a big job, so we’d rather wear tier upon tier of fabric on our none-too-slender hips. Tiers B and C are sewn to underskirts, with a waistband to contain it all, so you end up with four layers of fabric at the waist, not six. Still, I am glad I bought lightweight fabric for this one!


2 thoughts on “Love Math? Then Straight-cut Tiered Skirt Is for You!

  1. Looks like the top one is longer to allow for folding over to make a waistband. I would have expected the bottom one to be a bit longer, shorter at the top, simply to allow for proportion…they end up looking the same that way. The way they tell you to do it, the top tier will look bigger than the rest. Must be a cult thing, perhaps you are supposed to spend part of every day on your head?

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