Rotary Cutting Joy

I am so glad I busted out the quilting rotary cutter and rulers for my Straight-cut Tiered Skirt. I am getting the “straight-cut” happy vibe from “Happy Homemade Sew Chic” (or maybe that’s just the Kool-Aid talking)…

IMG_20150721_201411523 IMG_20150721_204148335

Anyway, straight cut pattern pieces may leave you with boxy garments, but there’s no arguing with efficiency. I cut this skirt out in less than an hour.

But, there’s a problem. Of course there is – Happy Homemade is a bit loose with the directions. This time, however, it’s my own fault. The pattern called for 4 yards of fabric, and I thought I could do it with 3 1/2. Nope. Ran out of fabric after I cut the tiers and the waistband. (BTW: the pattern cutting layout calls for cutting the waistband with the grain the same as with the skirt pieces, but I cut it against the grain because I wanted the stripes to go horizontally.) I didn’t have enough for the two underskirt pieces. So I ordered some peacock-colored batiste off the Internet and will resume the project when I have it in hand. Oh boo!


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