Damn You, Skirt! Damn you!

I’m beginning to think the Straight-cut Tiered Skirt is cursed. Actually, I know it is. I am just trying at this point to ward off superstition. Can’t belong to two cults at the same time.

If you’ve been following this little drama, you’ll recall that I could not gather the skirt tiers enough, that the thread would break. So I bought some heavy-duty thread and tried that. The thread held, but the finished result was so bulky that I said the hell with it. I decided not to gather the tiers but rather just sew them flat.

I spent an eternity picking out all the gathering threads. Then I cut down the big bottom tier to the size of the underskirt and stated to sew. I felt so happy, finally moving forward! Yay! A skirt was finally taking shape!

Oh oh, Spaghetti O’s. Take a look:


That’s right. Sewed the damn thing on backwards.


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