Throwing in the Towel on the Tiers

I finished the Straight-cut Tiered Skirt and was so disappointed with the results that I ran away from the Japanese Hippie Doomsday Cult and spent a week hiding in the forest, subsisting on nuts and berries. Thankfully, with all the elastic waists, the clothes still fit.

Here’s a picture of the final skirt:

I don’t know what my hand is doing in this picture. Perhaps I was suffering from some kind of palsy from all the seam ripping and gathering and stitching and topstitching.

Anyway, the skirt looks pretty awful on me as-is. It’s such a cool idea. I would like to make it work. The key for my shape is to tailor it for my small waist and use a zipper instead of the dreaded elastic.

I think it would actually look better if the tiers were exaggerated – puffed out to the sides like some 21st-century farthingale:

Go big o7019a63fdbde9affccb4d6eb43ba7ac3r go home, right?

Of course, the day after I gave up on this skirt, I saw a woman in New York City (where I work) wearing a six-tiered skirt. To perfection. If course, she was a size 00 and the tiers were just one layer, not two, but darn it looked so cute.

And then I saw a little girl wearing a knit three-tiered skirt with a dropped waist.

So it can be done. Just not by me. And not now, anyway.


5 thoughts on “Throwing in the Towel on the Tiers

  1. awww… been there, done that – sewn plenty of disappointing wadders, I mean.

    Well, you gave it a shot. You think you might reuse the fabric for something else? Or just toss it in the bin and move on?


  2. I agree with “that first hello”, it looks good. If you want to exaggerate the hem, maybe slit the inside of each tier and put some horsehair braid along the hem, and tack it down a little so it doesn’t float up and than slip stitch the slit closed. Maybe do the 1/2 inch on the bottom hem and 1/4 inch on the other two tiers. But sometimes it is just best to walk away if you just aren’t feeling it.


  3. Also….. the picture in the book – the woman is wearing a jacket or vest to cover-up the transition between the shirt to skirt/ waist to hip, maybe try that styling technique to get the look you are going for.


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