Help Please!

I am planning out my next project and I need some urgent advice. Can you please help?

I got this fabric to make a cover-up for the beach. It’s a silk crepe de chine panel about 46 inches square. I got three panels.


Because the print is on the bias, I am tempted to make the cover-up dress on the bias. If I do, the “Riviera Italia” at the bottom will be straight along the hem, instead of at an angle as shown in this picture.

But if I do this, I foresee some problems.

There’s so center seam, so the dress may twist. I understand that a bias cut often needs a center seam for balance. Likewise, I’d need to cut the back on the opposite bias to even things out. So the print would look pretty goofy on the back.

Should I stick with a straight cut or go for it? Thanks!


8 thoughts on “Help Please!

  1. Silk crepe de chine AND bias would be the devil’s work to sew…trust me! I’d go for something very square-ish and simple to keep all the print. Silk on the beach eh? How very de luxe- a bit of a change from sacking and twig cult wear….

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  2. The fabric is crepe, which has a beautiful hang and weight, cutting on the bias – goodness adding another tricky element to already slippery fabric..I have to admire your courage!

    As you have asked for advice, I love the fabric and it would look amazing cut on the straight – the back would look as you have it here.

    In the end it is your choice! lol. good luck either way. x


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