Oh You Silly Japanese Sewing Pattern

The “Pinafore Dress” from Happy Homemade Sew Chic is shaping up to be a pretty good pattern for my silk crepe de chine fabric, which has a giant, asymmetrical print. I want to use as much of the print as possible, uninterrupted:

wpid-wp-1440361709866.jpgHere are the pattern instructions for the dress. Fairly straightforward, and a good choice for a delicate fabric. There’s no serging, the yoke has a facing, front and back, and I’ll do a French seam for the side seams.


Of course, there are little things that bug me. The pattern layout has a dress front and back, and a yoke front and back. I could not find the yoke pieces anywhere. Where were they? On top of the dress pieces. It sounds OK until you realize that you have to add seam allowances to everything, so the yoke is deceptive in its placement. And the yoke and straps need to be cut on the fold, contrary to the picture. Also, as usual, the armhole facings are skimpy. I’ll do a full inch.


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