To Muslin or Not to Muslin?

For my little adventure with Happy Homemade Sew Chic, I have relied on longtime stash fabric and inexpensive cuts to do the “wearable muslin” route with my projects. The clothes are simple enough that none is a big enough investment of time. If a garment goes tragically wrong (I’m talking about you, Straight-cut Tiered Skirt and Straight-cut Sarouel Pants) it’s no big whoop.

But the Pinafore Dress project is a different story. These silk crepe de chine panels weren’t cheap – about $18 apiece. Definitely an indulgence. But hey, a gal can camp it up in hemp for just so long.

muslinSo I dashed off a quick muslin of the Pinafore Dress – just the top with the yoke, the gathers and the straps – to be sure I understood how the whole shebang fit together before I worked on the main event. I had some red lawn lying around for who knows how long. So, go!

I skipped the interfacing  in the  yoke and straps, and I dashed the piece together with long stitches.

It made a pretty cute top, actually. Once the dress is done, I might revisit this.

Do you always make a muslin? Always always? Never never? Sometimes?


4 thoughts on “To Muslin or Not to Muslin?

  1. I haven’t so far. But I also don’t have the best luck with fit in the bodice. So, I sew a lot of skirts! With skirts, I work out the fit issues as I go, and it’s not that hard to adjust. But I want to work out the bodice fit, so I probably will start making muslins, at least of the bodice. I need to learn to do a FBA.


  2. I don’t always muslin. If I was a professional seamstress then I would make one (or several) every time, but as a hobbyist I want to get maximum fun and enjoyment out of it – if that means I make a few duds I think that’s ok 🙂


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