Japan Meets Spain with the Jersey Bolero-style Jacket

I laid out the pattern today for the second jacket in Happy Homemade Sew Chic. It’s Project N: Jersey Bolero-style Jacket.

How do you say “Ole!” in Japanese?

Most of this book’s sewing projects are well-modeled and well-photographed. This is not one of them.

It’s aIMG_20150601_200750295_TOPlmost as if the book’s author, Yoshiko Tsukiori, wanted to hide this project. “We’ll make a jacket out of sheer white jersey and then shrug it over a surly model who’s wearing a hiddy black-and-white sundress. No one will ever see it!”

Well, Yoshiko, the joke’s on you. I am making this damn thing. And I’m making it on the Internet, so everyone will know.

Actjacketdetailually, I am optimistic about this project. You can’t see it in the photo, but the jacket has a couple of tucks in the front and a tuck in the back. With the right fabric, plus maybe a button or tie at the neckline, it could look pretty swish.

Here’s the pattern line drawing. It has possibilities, no? It’s not really a bolero jacket, but it’s got something.


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