Distracted by Shiny Things

We in the Japanese Hippie Doomsday Cult lead a simple life in our homemade clothing. So can we help it if we sometimes get distracted by shiny objects?

While lookinIMG_20151001_213621873g for some inexpensive fabric to try making Happy Homemade Sew Chic pattern N, “Jersey Bolero-style Jacket,” I happened upon this on the remnant rack. It’s a loose polyester knit with a metallic thread running through it.

Here’s a close-up. Can you see the shiny?


The bolt says the fabric has Lurex in it. What’s that? My reference book “Fabric for Fashion: The Swatch Book” defines Lurex as “a brand name of a type of metallic yarn or fabric, usually a synthetic fibre, with a vaporized layer of aluminum.”

Oooh, vaporized.  Goes with the whole “doomsday” thing. I bought the remnant, almost 2 yards.


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