Here a Tuck, There a Tuck…

The Jersey Bolero-style Jacket from Happy Homemade Sew Chic has four tucks in the front (two on each side) and one in the back. That’s nice. Let’s get tucking!

Here’s a picture of one bodice front piece with the tucks. This is my second attempt at tucking. The first time I tried this, I sewed the tucks on the wrong side, so I had to cut another piece.

I played arowpid-img_20151017_134400170.jpgund with the tucks and decided I liked them better like this, in a pintuck top stitched, instead of just showing on the wrong side, as the pattern dictates. Because my fabric is sheer and it has these wavy shiny-assed Lurex lines, it seemed to work better this way.

Will it work out for the best in the end? Stay tuned!


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