Finished Jersey Bolero-style Jacket

Ole again, my friends! Here’s the finished “Jersey Bolero-style Jacket.”

It’s IMG_20151017_163644143pretty cute, I think, once I altered things a bit so it wasn’t so damn twee.

Is that a bit of faux leather at the neckline? Si!

Is that a button closure at the neckline? Si!

Are the sleeves a bit longer than called for in the pattern? (I think we all know the answer here.)

I made this to wear over some of my short-sleeved and sleeveless dresses, so I can extend the season. The jacket’s pretty sheer, so it’s not all warm ‘n’ comfy, but it’s a bit fancy with all the Lurex shiny shit going on.

I’d like to try this pattern again with some other material, maybe a heavier jersey, as the pattern calls for.


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