The Last of Me-Made May

Wow, May went by fast!

I met my goal to wear me-made clothes at least three times per week. In fact, I did 4 or 5 times some weeks. I could have done more if I had repeated outfits.

Today’s look is a recent me-made project that was a huge disappointment. They’re Sewaholic Thurlow trousers in a nice pique suiting.


Unfortunately, the fly front is weirdly crooked and ill fitting, so I can only wear these trousers with a long jacket or tunic to cover up the ugly.

I never intended to wear these in public. But in the spirit of Me-Made May, I decided to wrap up my month with these unfortunate trousers.

I bring this up in a desire to be honest about my sewing. Some projects are just dogs. No sense pretending otherwise.

A lot of sewing bloggers only put forth the pretty, photographed to perfection. That’s cool. I love their makes and drool over their looks.

But to be honest, to inspire the newcomer and give courage to the timid, I believe in putting it all out there.

I hope you had a great May. See you in June!


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