Another Bolero Jacket That’s Not Exactly a Bolero, Nor a Jacket

I sewed up another item from Happy Homemade Sew Chic yesterday – item N – the Jersey Bolero-Style Jacket.  It’s neither a bolero nor a jacket. Discuss.

img_20170128_182950647_topThis fabric is a viscose knit border print that looked like a good idea for a dress when I bought it at Elliott Berman fabrics. But when I draped it I realized it was too busy for a dress and the border print would tend to widen things that are wide enough already. So I made this cardi instead.

I made changes from the first version, mostly to make use of the border print:
* Lengthened the sleeves and the overall body 2 inches to take advantage of the deep black end of the border print.
* I also used the black end to make the neckline binding.
* Sewed the front tucks as directed – that is, sewn from the wrong side – instead of from the right side like a pintuck. This method worked better for the heavier, opaque quality of the fabric. A pintuck looks better on a sheer.
* Tucked but did not sew down the back tuck because I didn’t like how the sewn-down tuck worked with this crazy print.
* Sewed on a neckline clasp I got from the jewelry-making racks at Joann.

I made the whole thing on my new serger, except for the tucks. The hems were done using the coverstitch mode.

I really like this piece. It’s one of the best patterns in the book. I sewed it up easily in an evening.


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