Getting Past the Doomsday Cult Look

So, the world still has not come to an end. The plain clothes I made from “Happy Homemade Sew Chic” are growing stale, as the book’s Japanese Hippie Doomsday Cult look loses favor to prettier styles.

Bring on the frippery!

One nice thing about “Happy Homemade” is that the patterns are so simple, they’re blank canvases for creativity. Take this dress I made this weekend, based on “Tunic Dress with Lace”:

A far cry from this original, eh?

The dress is certainly in the thrifty spirit of Happy Homemade. I made it from an old cotton Indian-made border-print tablecloth. I love the print, but it no longer goes with my dining room decor.

I cut off the border to made the V neckline, belt, and ruffles at the hem and sleeves. I was able to cut the body of the dress out of the body of the tablecloth, strategically avoiding old stains (wine! coffee! back in our carefree days!).

I made several modifications for fit – I added shaping to the sides, added fish-eye darts in the back, and added shoulder darts in the back to control neckline gaping.

I am planning to play with a few of these Happy Homemade patterns to see how I can jazz them up. Now that the world’s going on, we need to look our best!


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