Turning a Dress into a Duster

We’re going luxe at the Japanese Hippie Doomsday Cult Sewing Club. Next up is lace!

Oh yeah – let’s get all fancy! Slinky! Sexy! And put these simple sewing patterns from “Happy Homemade Sew Chic” through their paces.

I had an idea to make a lace duster for summer. I love the costumes on the Australian TV show “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” so I figured, why not adapt a Happy Homemade pattern?Miss Fisher

Trusty ol’ “Tunic Dress with Lace” fits the requirements nicely. I picked out some black Art Deco style lace from Mood Fabrics in New York and got to laying the thing out. I wanted to make as much use as possible of the scalloped edge with the eyelash detail, so I laid things out carefully. You’d cut the front of “Tunic Dress with Lace” on the fold normally, but instead I lined it up on the edge to take advantage of the scallops.


(Note on the pattern how I’ve marked several Happy Homemade patterns on the same piece. The book’s patterns are somewhat modular, so tracing onto durable patternmaker’s paper is totally worthwhile. See here for the how-to.)

I estimated that I could make a duster below the knee and also squeeze bracelet-length sleeves out of the lace I bought, so I lengthened the pattern a bit accordingly.

Now all I needed was a way to  carry over the scalloped design to the hem and the neckline. More on that technique next time.


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