Tunic with Roll-up Sleeves Goes from Nice to Naughty

My favorite project from “Happy Homemade Sew Chic” is project O, “Tunic with Roll-up Sleeves.” I made one out of some gauzy cotton fabric with white ribbon for trim. It’s very sweet, very appropriate for the Japanese Hippie Doomsday Cult look.

But now it’s time to get a little badass.

Yeah, purple and black abstract snakeskin, metal studs and goth lace-trimmed sleeves. Not exactly my look, but since the end of the world is not coming and the Japanese Hippie Doomsday Cult is disbanded, we might as well reinvent ourselves.

I bought this fabric at Banksville Designer Fabric in Norwalk, Conn. last summer along with a few other things to update my work wardrobe. The fabric is a stretch shirting in what I thought was a black, gray, purple and fusicia abstract dot print. A little edgy for the office, but something different, and I liked it.

When I laid out the fabric to make a blouse for work, I realized that the print was really a snakeskin abstract print. Oof. I am all for mixing it up in the office, but I couldn’t swing this, so the fabric curled up in shame in the back of my stash.

The PatternReview.com Tunic Contest inspired me to try the fabric with the good ol’ Happy Homemade pattern. This fabric behaves very differently from my original, and I actually think the original looks better.

To deal with the hand of the fabric, I made a few changes:
* Curved out the sides a bit and added two fisheye darts in the back for shaping.
* Understitched the neckline binding before turning to the right side (instead of just turning and topstitching), because I thought it would help the ribbon tie lie flat, and not bunch up the neckline.
* Omitted the roll-up sleeve tabs. The tunic has bell sleeves, which don’t play well with a roll-up look. I never wore the original ones rolled.
* Shortened the sleeves 6 inches to just above the elbow and trimmed them with a bit of black lace for a bit of a goth look. I cut the lace to size and joined the raw ends with an applique seam.
* Added a couple of metal cord end finials to the ribbon ends, again to goth it up a bit.

All I need is a motorcycle and a bad attitude, and I am ready to wear this in public.


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